"Camp Tintype" Portrait Weekends


Yes, it is time once again for the world to have the opportunity to have a wet-plate collodion likeness made exactly how it was done in the 19th century.

For a complete, detailed, and sometimes colorful description of the portrait weekends, in John's own words, in a printable PDF document, please click here

Also, here is an unsolicited letter of endorsement by America’s most famous and hardest of the hardcore Civil War reenactors, Rob Hodge.

Announcing the return of the $15 5x7 tintype!

To help us to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the reintroduction of the real deal Ferrotype Tintype Portrait to America and the beginning of my wet-plate collodion career, I am turning back the clock to 1982 when Brownie the workhorse and I were out crisscrossing the nation with the Photographic Van wagon shooting $15 Tintype portraits for all comers. Yes, you read that right, only a measly fifteen bucks (or for food, a well topped large pizza from Jerlando’s of Watkins Glen I’ll take in kind as well). For this, you’ll get yourself a real deal, whomping, ass kicking, 5x7 Ferrotype Tintype portrait made by the guy who was jump street in the current world wide wet-plate collodion movement. Be prepared to hear more about that and the wagon traveling story and how it was critical to the resurrection of wet-plate collodion photography. This special offer price is limited to one image of you or as many people as you care to pack into it, and is available only on our portrait weekends and not available at workshops or the Jamboree. As usual, you must write me a good old classic mail postcard or a letter to give me a heads up and I will confirm in kind and include a map to Camp Tintype.


1/16th plate $25
1/9th plate $35
1/6th plate $45
1/4th plate $55
1/2 plate (4¼ x 5½) $65
Whole plate (6½ x 8½) $100
5x7 plate $85 (see special pricing above)
8x10 plate $200
11x14 plate $650
20x24 plate $3500 (ferrotype only)
Photo booth style 5x7 4 or 9 image plate $165
Photo booth style 11x14 15 image plate $425
Photo button Tintype (3½ diameter) $65
Albumen CDV $450, additional prints $100 each
Mounted Stereo Tintype $300
Albumen stereo print $750, additional stereo mounted albumen prints $225 each

Please write for reservations to:
John Coffer
CAMP TINTYPE Portrait Weekend
1236 Dombroski Road
Dundee, NY 14837

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